Anti Dust Reusable Washable Mouth Face Filtration Cloth Filter`

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Anti Dust Reusable Washable Mouth Face Filtration Cloth Filter`

Mouth Face Cloth Filter`

Anti Dust Mouth Face Filtration

Mouth Face Filtration Cloth Filter`

Filtration Rate Greater than 98.3%Advanced 3S technology, non-woven design, filtration rate greater than 98%, perfect isolation of micro particles

Wide ApplIicationThis Cloth is suitable for various occasions, including stations, shopping malls, parks, etc. They are definitely your most reliable partners.

Stylish and Flexible Design Compared with disposable cover, its ear hook is wider and softer, greatly reducing the pressure on the ear. On the other hand, its appearance is more fashionable and leisure.

ReusableThey can be cleaned and reused. So it's not a one-off investment.

Protect Your LovedWhen your loved one goes out for shopping or other work that requires isposable face cloth, this cover plays a great role in protecting your family.